Graphic Designer / Entrepreneur

Personal Quote: El silencio es como el viento: atiza los grandes malentendidos y no extingue más que los pequeños. (Elsa Triolet )
"Traditional art", a project on @Behance 
Traditional art 1997-2014



♬ •♩ •.•´¯`•.•♭•♪ Happy Birthday Michael Fassbender! ♪ •♭•.•´¯`•.•♩ •♬ - [original version  -]



‘silver house’ by hyde + hyde architects, gower peninsula, south wales
image © hyde + hyde architects

see more views of the private residence here:



Congratulations Michael Fassbender for winning BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR for 12 Years A Slave at the 2014 Jameson Empire Awards

Due to work obligations Michael was not able to attend. 

"Fassbender can’t be here because he’s working out of the country on something that requires a big ginger beard, but he sent his thanks. "You’ll have to make do with snogging me, Celia," says Nesbitt."

The photo’s above are from his win in 2012 for the Empire Hero award.